I made it for the 1986 New York City Marathon – hoping that the Brooklynites lining the route would give me an extra cheer as I passed by. As a novice runner, unsure that I would even finish, I figured I needed it.

As it turned out, the response from the crowd was incredible, far beyond what I had expected. From 4th Avenue in Bay Ridge to the finish line in Central Park, people were screaming: “Born in Brooklyn!…Born in Brooklyn!…Born in Brooklyn!”

A decade later, I found myself staring up at my finish line photo from that race and thinking that being born in Brooklyn is something very special. It’s like being a member of a wonderful club. And whether you moved away as a kid or you still live there, Brooklyn will always be a part of who you are.

That’s the whole idea behind the Born In Brooklyn™ brand and We’re going to make it a place where you can reconnect with friends, find out what’s happening in your old neighborhood and of course, buy great stuff.

So whether you’re from Canarsie or Bay Ridge, Flatbush or Cobble Hill, Brownsville or Red Hook, you can now tell the world, as I did…”I was born in Brooklyn!” A BIB™ T-shirt or cap also makes a perfect gift for other members of your family or friends who were born there . . . or wish they were!

Keep checking in and let us know your ideas and thanks for supporting the new brand created for everyone who was born in Brooklyn!

Brett Shevack

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